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ham and cheese playoff fattie

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made a few snacks for the games this weekend

heres a nice ham, onion and cheese fattie with a little pizza sauce

no bacon cause the wife fried it up for breakfast


1-08-11 010.jpg


1-08-11 011.jpg



1-08-11 017.jpg


1-08-11 019.jpg



thanks for looking


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Great looking fattie Rick - I bet it was mighty tasty too

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Man that looks great! Makes me just wanna dip it in something asap
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Man oh Man thats the second slpit top today. Maybe it's in the stars. HEY NOBODY MAKE ANY FATTIES TONIGHT. shhhhhh hope that helps.

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Looks very tasty!!

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Sounds like a tasty fattie. 

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Nice fattie! Im glad i made mine the other night, with all these split fatties today......Mine looked like it was going to burst, it might have just blown up if i did it today!

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Oh I bet that was a darn good fatty!

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Nice Fatty Rick

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I love how you can put just about anything in a fatty & it always tastes good.

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