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Spareribs with Qview

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I did two racks of spares today. Nothing fancy, a 3-2-1 session over apple.

At the three hour mark, I foiled the racks and poured half a can of Dr. Pepper over each rack. Halfway through the last hour I brushed on some Sweet baby Rays.

 And yes....that beagle is spoiled rotten. She is even a Facebook friend of Jeff Phillips. She LOVES good Q, just like the rest of us :)


Spares ready for smoker 1-8-2011.jpg


Spares ready to serve 1-8-2011.jpg


plated spares 1-8-2011.jpg


hillbilly dinner is served 1-8-2011.jpg


Lucky beagle 1-8-2011.jpg

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Those look great!  Good call on the apple smoke with ribs. 

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Yep thats some mighty fine looking ribs and your dog get some too. Wow thats spoiled for sure.

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They look great, gotta love the tots!!! did the pup get some tots also? lol  great job

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So what effect do you think the Dr. Pepper had on the ribs. Did it make a big difference? Was the difference a good thing? Sounds interesting and now I am curious.

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I havent had Spares in a while! but those look great!

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Juicy, tender, nice looking smoke ring. MMMM, I'm gettin hungry.

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