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Brisket is "chillin" in the fridge

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Got a 6.5lbs. brisket sittin in the fridge waiting till morning.Its been quite some time since my last one,so i figured i was do.Made a quick rub,trimmed her up alittle bit now she's waiting for her smokey ride.Here's my rub i made:

 1/2 cup sugar in the raw

  1 tbs. chili powder

  1 tbs.minced garlic

  1 tbs.onion powder

  2 tbs. sweet paprika

  1 tbs. hungarian hot paprika

  1 tbls salt free tony's c's

  1 tbs. chipolte powder

  1 tbs. cocoa chili powder

  2 tbs black pepper

  3 tbs kosher salt

  1 tea. ground mustard

  1 tea. cinnamon



Then i rubbed it down with worcestershire and my new best friend from bufalo.. salsa chilpotle sauce




Finally applied my rub and wrapped it up to spend the night in the fridge...



 My plan is to start this about 7 am. I'll be using cherry and hickory in my amns two rows of cherry skip a row and two rows hickory with a foil shield on top and on the side by the heating element.Gonna set the smoker at 250.Fill the waterpan with apple juice, and let her go.I plan on wrapping in foil when it hits 165 then take it up to bout 195-200. I am also going to put a pan under it to catch the drippings,i have never done this with the drip pan before so we'll see how that goes. This sound about right? Thanks for lookin--LES

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Looks great!!

 See ya in the morning.

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That rub sure has alot of stuff in it. I'll have to check back in tomorrow.

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UPDATE !!!  It has been a slow start this morning running about a hour behind. Cold this morning its only 16 right now and not supposed to climb too much more today.So my dog found a rabbit under my pine tree this morning and decided it was a good thing to chase it,LOL.After i got her calmed down i lost about 20 min,it was so damn cold the rabbit would'nt go away!! just sat there teasing the dog!!Put the dog back in the house and walked out to the garage....yep error message on the mes,would'nt start.I figured this was going to happen so in the house to get some water in the teapot.Small pan in the mes and about 6-7 mins later we are rolling,THANKS SMF!!!! Running at 250 with cherry and hickory dust in the amsn.Grabbed a quick pic and realised i didn't put a cover over the amsn so now i'm going back out.Here's the pic and i'll post more later.Thanks.--LES


in smoker res.jpg

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Same deal with the cold here in Atlanta. Had a butt rubbed since yesterday. The temp is 21. I put the pan in full of hot water and the MES cranked right up after 5 minutes of warm up.

I am leaving the temp up to 250 for a few hours.

Have a great day!



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Glad you got it going. This cold weather really sucks. I'm in central Florida & it's cold here as well. Looking forward to seeing how your smoke progresses throughout the day. Good luck!

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Update #2!!! 5 1/2 hours in brisket is at 164,foiled her up with a splash of cherry juice.It looked and smells good few more hours and we'll see.Sorry no pics this time it's cold and didn't want to leave the mes open or the brisket out too long.More to follow,Thanks,--LES

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Sounds good Les!


Don't worry about any more pics until you start slicing---Too Cold!




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Looking forward to hearing how good that rub turns out - it sounds really tasty!  Nice piece of meat you got goin' there so far!

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FINAL UPDATE... brisket is done total cook time was just shy of 8 hours.pulled it at 199 wrapped in more foil and a few towels and in my cooler for about a hour.I used the drippings from the smoker and the wrapped brisket for a finishing sauce,waited for it to cool a bit to skim the fat off then added some beef broth,red pepper flake,salt, pepper,ketchup,vinegar,tobasco and some brown sugar heated it up for a bit to dissolve. The brisket was good, it was by far the most tender i have ever done.The rub was fantastic and i will defiantly use this again.Although the bark did not form in the mes like my charcoal smokers it was still a very good smoke.Now i am thinking of maybe using my charcoal till 165 then wrap and transfer to the mes, i dont know just a idea. what do ya think? All and all i am happy how it tasted ,just wanted more bark.Now i'm just rambling sorry i've only had 3 hours of sleep lol.Here's the final pics,let me know what ya think. Thanks for looking--LES

un cut res1.jpg


sliced up


sliced res2.jpg


and ready to eat,the wife made a quick beer bread to go with it.


plated res3.jpg


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Lokks delicious!!

 Thanks for sharing!!

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YUM!!  I am stealing that rub recipe - thanks for sharing! Cheers!

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THANKS, let me know what you think of the rub!!!!

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NICE !!!!!!


Those are the pics I was waiting for!


But next time don't shrink them so small.




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Man that looks GOOD!

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Looks good!

I have 2 packers in the fridge waiting for rub and smoke this weekend.

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Looks excellent. Nice job!

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