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New MES smoker owner

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Just received my new MES and am looking forward to lots of good food. I spent last summer playing with a charcoal smoker and enjoyed it but do not have the time to do the constant baby sitting. I seasoned it last night and it came up to 275 in about an hour with it 20 outside. I put the chips I dry since that is what I read on here to do and it made smoke for about two hours or so. Heard a lot of talk about smoke problems but mine seemed ok. Main things I want to do is pulled pork, half chickens and snack sticks. Any tips or advice would be great. Also, any links to past post that have great recipes and cooking temps with time would be great. Thanks for all the info you guys have here.


Findlay Ohio
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Congrats on the new mes hotburn!!! I too just got my mes on christmas and in the beginning stages of learnin its tricks.First i would suggest getting a remote thremo,as i dont trust factory ones,mine is very close but i like the extra comfort in knowing.Second as i have learned the hardway,is wrap your waterpan and drip pan i foil!!!Thanks piney!!! Third there seems to be a hot spot in the back of the mes that you can fiw with alittle foil tent in the back.I too have not had a problem with producing smoke just have to add wood chips every 45min to a hour or so,but i solved that with a amns.Any questions just ask there are alot of great members here that are glad to help ya!!! I'm sure they will be along with there suggestions too as i am only a rookie with the mes.Good luck!!

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Congrats on the new MES. I am another new owner of one after using charcoalĀ and wood smokers for years. Like Les mentioned, get yourself an A-MAZE-N smoker and you won't be sorry you did. Good luck and heed the word of theseĀ people on here, they definitely know what they're doing.

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