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Well, it is in the oven.  But when I checked it straight from the smoker with the new themometer, it was barely 130.  So I just threw a steak on the grill to ease my pain.

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it's your call if you want to try to eat it.

You might finish in the oven until it hits 205º and see what you think.

You could eat it but if you get sick it would really SUCK

If you have any doubt about it I wouldn't serve it to your family, or anyone else.


I'm sorry your first butt didn't go as planned, Don't get discouraged and keep on smokin'

Even if you can't eat your first butt atleast you learned some valuable info from it and I bet the next one will come out great!

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I would throw it away---get your smoker & therms working right, and get it perfect next time..

If you were at 145˚ from hour 7 to 10, there's no way you were over 140 at 4 hours.

And your probe was in at the beginning.


I wouldn't take the chance. It could smell & taste OK, but still be deadly.


My two cents,


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Sorry it didn't turn out good for you, but this is a learning experience & I'm sure you learned a bunch this time. It can only get better. Keep on smokin'. Remember to keep detailed notes on each smoke so you can see what you did right or wrong. When you get that great one you want to be able to repeat it. That being said, there are no 2 pieces of meat the same. They seem to all react differently when you smoke them, so what works one time may not yield the same result the next time. However, the more experience you get the easier this will become. Good luck with your future smokes!



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