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Various Cheeses

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My 4 rack Bradley is setup for all my cold smoking. I use allot of hickory, apple, maple when i cold smoke cheese. Here are some i did not long ago.  I date and vac seal the cheese. Some i have had for 9 months sealed.



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Man thats a lot of cheese.  Looks like some good eatin you got there.  



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Tis the season to cold smoke, I agree I have some from about 11 months ago and still good.

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now that i got my amazen smoker i will give cheese a try for sure

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I am doing some fresh mozzarella tonite in preparation for our 4H cooking class this weekend. We are going to stuff meatballs with fresh smoked mozzarella and I need more.  The best part is that as soon as it is cool we can eat it. No two week wait. I have about 5-6 # of hard cheeses I need to get some time to smoke though  

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Now that is a load of cheeses. Do you want my address?? I bet you will really like it too.

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I do allot of cold smoked cheeses. It makes great gifts and its better and cheaper than store bought.

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