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Reverse Flow Finished

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This was our first build. We started with a 16" pipe, split it and added 5" to get the shape we wanted. The firebox is also 16" pipe with 4" removed on top so it would be flat. We also added 5" to the end (square) for looks. The wheels are 12" pipe cut 2 1/2" wide and 5/8" rod for spokes. The work table at the end is removable to allow the handles to be used when moving. The boards in frome come off as well for cleaning. It holde Temp. really well and smokes great. It is (smoke chamber) 42" long. We have two pull out racks. We also made the tools.IMG_1096.JPG

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That is one nice looking rig

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Now thats one super good lookig rig that you built there Gary. Now welcome to SMF. You'll like this place for there are alot of really good folks here that would do anything to help you withsmoking meat. So get to smoking.

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Hey, Thank you. We are looking at starting another one pretty soon. We are trying to find a 150 gal, Propane tank, not many around at least around here. Lots of 250's we are also looking for some 24" pipe that is reasonable we'll see. We are thinking of a trailer mounted unit this time. Will have to do a lot of research on trailer loading and pit placement. 

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Great Job !!!!!!!

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Man that is so sweet. I wish I had those building skills.

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Nice build! That is one of the nicer ones I've seen in a while. Good work and welcome to SMF PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif

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P.S. Please build me one. haha

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Wow! That is one fine looking smoker.




Where's the "I'm not worthy" emoticon??

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nice work!

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Thank everyone for the nice rewiews, actually I was just the designer and helper my son was the tallent that did all the welding and fitting. There was a lot of trial and error, we would tack something on and if we didn't likeit we cut it off grind it down and re-do it. We kind of new the look and what we wanted , but being our first build wasn't sure just how it would work out. I would say to anyone Take your time, Do your research and look at as many smokers as you can and take the best ideas from each one and build what you like. This took about two months, working on it a few hours here and there and on weekends. Used Miller Wire feed on everything. We built the tray in the firebox where it would slide for easy access, also built a charcoal basket.

This was built this in the backyard, No Shop so were were at the mercy of the weather.

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SWEET job guys,looks very cool.welcome to the SMF....

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Nice looking smoker.. Can we have a tour of her innards??

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 I like the way you inset the door looks to have a good seal that way. All around sharp cooker you have there and well made. Kudos!

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All I can say is WOW!  Nice job!  That is one sweet looking smoker!

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Awesome job Gary, you and your son did a fine job.  I really like the way you split the pipe and add to its height. I have a second RF carcass sitting out front just waiting to be finished, I think I may need to do this mod to it before I continue.


Nice work.

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That is some piece of equipment you should build more and sell them I think you would have a  lot of people interested in buying them. Alienicon_biggrin.gif

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This is a phenomenal job guys. I'm looking to build my first and believe me I'm going to take some ideas from this one if that's ok.....

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Great Job, that is a fine looking smoker...

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