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My first build

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Hi all I'm working on my first build my tank is 45.5" long 76" around I got it for $18.50 at work. I'm thinking 24"x24"x24 for my fire box dose this sound about right for the tank and how big should my stack be around it is going to be a RF any help would be nice

new smoker 5.jpg


this is what I have got done so far

new smoker.jpg



new smoker 1.jpg


new smoker 2.jpgnew smoker 4.jpg


new smoker 3.jpg

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Now I have never built a smoker but I have built a many things. It sure looks like you are well on your way to a great new smoker. I like it and I can't wait for you to finish so we all can see it smoking meat.

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I think a 24x24 firebox would fit nice on the that tank.


Here is a link for the pit calculator, this will help you out as far as stack size and dia, as well as air inlet openings.



Just select the calc you want to use, circle firebox or square firebox. The rest is just fill in the blanks.


BTW nice score on the tank, and your build is looking good so far.

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COOL.looks alot like my build,similar tank and rack set up.a firebox that big should have no problem keeping the smoke flowing.my firebox is 18.5 square.cant wait to see it going bro congrats

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Lookin' good. Can't wait to see ya put it to work.PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

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Great build.  Looking good. Please post more pics.

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That looks like it will be a great smoker when you are done - be sure to keep us updated

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sorry it has taken me so long to update this I was planing to make the fire box 24x24x24 but my cash flow dried up so I had to make do

my friend gave me this home made grill to see if I could use it as my fb






the bottom was rusted out so I cut the middle out and welded it back together it was to long any way I made a tube to go between fb and the smoker

so it would be easier to cut of later



I decided to change the lid a bit




my welds aren't pretty but they work

did a burn on the tank


Burn Out 002.jpg


putting a season on it before I put the RF plate


new smoker 007.jpg


started the RF plate


new smoker 013.jpg


new smoker 014.jpg


forgot to take more pic. needed to get it home so I could  do some test smokes on it before I do a 20# turkey next weekend this will be it's new home


new smoker 015.jpg


still got a lot of work to do on it got a lot of air leaks  to fix


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Looks good Brad!

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here is what is going in for the first smoke bb and a 3# bl picnic for pp and some pork grillers

first smoke on new smoker 001.jpg


2 hours in


first smoke on new smoker 006.jpg


ribs are done


first smoke on new smoker 008.jpg

first smoke on new smoker 011.jpg


pp in a bit

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Looks good. grilling_smilie.gif
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Nice lookin ribs, I bet they were tastey.

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Nice smoker and great food you must be happy.

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it was late last night when I got done with the pp so here it is going to eat it to night


first smoke on new smoker 012.jpg


and the bear view


first smoke on new smoker 026.jpg

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Looks nice!  How was the PP?



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pp was great we ate on it for 2 days and froze some for later

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Awesome looking ribs & PP!


Great job with the build too!

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thank you Al & HD and every one doing the big turkey smoke for work today

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Nice work on the smoker. Sealing those gaps in the firebox will help you out a lot.


As far as the food pics, I licked my monitor ;)


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