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When it gets warmer!


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Oh and to add to that, I see tons of people here that ask about injecting pork out of fear that it won't be moist enough. That may not be what Viper was thinking but many do. I don't inject because I like the flavor as it is. I want to taste pork and spices that compliment pork not DR Pepper and whatever. Just my opinion.

     I agree 100% with what you're saying about folks thinking they may have to do it because it may not be moist enough.  And is not needed at all, agree. beercheer.gif


     However, I'm not talking about injecting with anything that doesn't compliment the taste as most of the ingredients I listed are common rub or spritzing ingredients.  I was hardcore against it before I began experimenting with it and I'm finding it does compliment just as a rub does.  I'm also finding it adds a tremendous amount of moisture, more so than without, if you can imagine that.  Is it needed, well, that's going to come down to personal preference just as whether to add sauce or a rub etc.  

     Now come on down and we'll throw one in the drum and throw down a few cold ones! LOL  yahoo.gif