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I have read numerous threads on the MES. Some have problems with cold weather start-up, others don't seem to have the problem.

I have read where MES reps have replaced parts and have bent over backwards to help their customers. Service after purchase is a BIG deal! Since I live in the land of the cold in N. Central Wa, I am not really looking for cold start problems.

Cabelas lists a disclaimer about cold starts and has put the units in their bargain basement closeouts. Reeds does not list a disclaimer.Maybe the units shipped to Minn. don't have those problems?

Reeds has cheaper shipping so the price is much better considering shipping and sales tax. (8% in Wa.)

So all in all, I can save $30 or so from Reeds.

I have never dealt with Reeds. They seem to be a big supplier in Minnesota.

Can anyone give me a heads-up on having done business with them? I would like to give them some business. 

Appreciate your time. Thanks in advance, Dave