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1st BBB

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1st go at BBB. Cured with TQ and brown sugar for 10 days. I smoked it over Hickery, and brought it up slowly, started at 130, went up 10-15 degrees every hour up to 200 and held it until 160 internal. Making Bearcarvers pepperoni today, cant wait to taste that. BBB #1.jpgBBB #1 1.jpg

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Looks pretty good. how did it taste? Are ya hooked on makin bakin?

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It looks awsome and I bet that it will taste great too. Now you sliced it pretty darn thick too. Nice sammie slices it looks like.

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Good looking BBB congrats man

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Congrats, I love me some BBB with eggs, taters and toast. points.gif

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Looks awesome!!

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That looks GREAT !!!


The next BBB I do is gonna go to 160˚ internal too.

I haven't done that yet.


Did you make that Pepperoni? If so, how was it?




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Nice looking BBB...

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now yer hooked..............

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Hey man looks better in a bigger picture! (better than the text msg on the phone)  did you leave the fat cap on or did you trim it?


I will be doing one of those soon maybe cooked to 140 then one to 165......


I'll be up to grab some of the salts this week ...

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