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1st fattie

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So here it is folks, my first Fattie. Stuffed with Buffalo Chicken, smoked with maple at 275 to internal of 160. Wont be my last. Fattie #1.jpg

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Looks good, how'd you like it?

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Love at first taste!!!

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Thats a good looking fatty there!!! nice weave

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I still remember my first....   Wailt til you feed your friends one of these - or just describe it to them, for that matter!!

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Yepper thats about what they all say. The fattie is like a welcoming present here for this is usally the first place most folks find out about them.

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Congrats, that's a a fine looking fattie you have there!  PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

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Yea made three at FD today, they were a hit, not to much conversation at the dinner table, to busy eating.

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Great looking fattie - great idea on the stuffing

I served on with Chorizo and eggs NYD in a campground and had enough to serve a taste to my neighor campers and they were just blown away .  

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