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ok my first fatty with Q veiw

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my first fatty! I still can not get the bacon weave down.

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my first fatty out of the smoker i stuffed with salmi and cheese and fried chiken FATTY JUST OUT.jpg

and now cut in half oh and ill show a before shot too.fatty.jpgFATTY CUT IN HALF FOR A GOOD LOOK.jpg

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Well your first fattie looks awesome there Joe. Now you do need some help with the bacon weave but I bet it tasted better then it looked??? Now the basket weave is really easy I thought but maybe it's not. Now just scroll down near the bottom of this thread and look at the bacon weave. Just try to make your next weave look like the one that bear did for you. 

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thanks for looking yeah it didn't look great but it tasted amazing 

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Good work on the first one and thanks for the pictures!

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I don't see anything wrong with that wrap - it held well, just not as fancy looking as a weave.  That's a darn pretty fatty!!  There's a couple good videos on youtube that show fatty technique you can check out, but I think you done good!!

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Nothing wrong there! Good for any first timer!
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Looks good enough to eat for me.

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I figure the only way a smoke fails is when you absolutely have to chuck whatever it is you attempted to smoke into the trash.  Anything else is a success as long as someone can eat it!  We all start somewhere and every smoke after that first one we improve, adapt and conquer! there such a thing as a bad fatty?

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