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Got to break in my new UDS.  Got some chicken drumsticks, and County Style Ribs... Not a bad first meal!!! Already planning a Boston Butt for Superbowl Sunday.... Hopefully the Patriots will help make that day a little better!

chicken csr.jpg


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YUM!! Looks like a fine meal. Any recipes to share?
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Any pics of the meat on the new drum?

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Great looking grub! Welcome to the ugly club. Let's see that smoker.

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Glad it was a successful first smoke in the drum!  The chicken and ribs look great!  


Gotta love a drum!  PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

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They look delicious. Nice job

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looks good

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Just a basic rub, Brown sugar, paprika, salt, pepper.  I did 4 of the chicken legs with salt only for my 2 yr old. 

I am having trouble with the seal on my drum so I did not get any pics of  the cook in process.  I modified a lid from a cheap 22 1/2 kettle, and I am having huge issues with air leaking in.  I tried suing a rope stove gasket, but that seems to have failed, so I went to lowes and they gave me a gasket kit from their Bayou Classic BGE knockoff.  I am going to try that, but i have to modify the brackets that are on the drum holding the lid on it (the stove rope is 3/8 thick, and the BGE gaskets are about 1/16 of an inch.  I will use one on top and one on bottom, but I will have to adjust the bracket down 1/4 inch to make up for it.  I am thinking I will just drill the holes on the bracket itself down 1/4 rather than put more holes in my drum. I also picked up some hardware today to add a steel pipe and ball valve to the drum.  I figure come summer when I am having a few cocktails, it will not be good to be bending all the way down to verify that I have my hole open 1/8 or 1/4...IMG00089-20101231-1247.jpg

This is the UDS as I was still constructing it.  Our local grocery has pork butt on sale this week so she suggested we do pulled pork for the super bowl... I am hoping to get the gasket issue squared away this week, so I can re test on something different this weekend!

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update... today I put the pipe on with the ball valve, and I took the rope gasket off, and added a high heat silicone gasket.  It is curing now, hopefully it is fully cured by sunday.  I got some sausage and bacon today, and hope to do my first fatty on sunday!!!

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