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Buckboard belly bacon, first attempt at bacon...

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Bacon trimmed up and skinned removed.


iphone1218 004.jpg


Rubbed down with Hi Mountain BBB cure...color is a little off, it's my phone camera.


iphone1218 008.jpg


Using the a-maze-n smoker. 


iphone1218 031.jpg


Out of the smoker, truly cold smoking, temps outside were in the 30's. Smoked them for 36 hours until we got a good color change on the meat.


iphone1218 037.jpg



iphone1218 040.jpg


Sliced up...


iphone1218 044.jpg


Fried up, on the salt side just about right for us.  Some testers thought it was a little too salty but flavor was excellent.


iphone1218 046.jpg


Zip-locked up and ready for the freezer.  I couldn't get my sealer to work so had to do the zip loc's.


iphone1218 066.jpg



So this was our first bacon experiment.  Had bacon in fridge on Tuesday night and went to pick-up two more bellies the following day...we gave a lot out, and did two taste test nights at the VFW.  Wound up with 14 pounds of bacon.  It was gone in two weeks.

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You rocked it!PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif  That's some great looking bacon. What wood did you use? points.gif

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Very nice Shellbellc, turn out looking great!

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Smoked over maple.

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great lookin bacon might want to post how long you cured it for those who are new at this, it kinda looks like you smoked it right after you put on the cure.

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Real nice lookin bacon Shellbellc, thanks for the Q-view

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I cured this for 7 days, rinsed off and soaked for an hour...did a fry test and then got it in the smoker. 

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did you like the cure? any flavor ingredients used like pepper,garlic, etc?

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