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Fresh Ham for Andouille?

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Looking to make some andouille and have a fresh ham I'd like to use... I know most recipes call for the butt... will I need to add some fat or should be okay?  Would the shoulder be a better choice?

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from my understanding a fresh ham would be like a butt because it is not i would belive it to be fine.

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The ham is from the rear leg, the butt's from the front. they are both great for sausage making.

The important part is that you add the fat that the recipe calls for, since the ham is about 15% fat and the butt is about 30%. If your recipe calls for just butt then you'll want to add some of the hams back fat to make up the difference.

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I would recommend that you do what Dan said for he is one of the sausage gurus here. Well atleast to me he is. He's also telling you about the same thing that I was going to say.

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Thanks for the feedback.  Here is a picture of the ham chopped up into chunks... there was a good layer of fat under the skin and I tried to keep on as much as possible... maybe I'll throw in a bit more fat just to be sure.



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Well the ham worked out just fine... thew in just a little extra beef fat since that's what I had lying around.  Here is some q-vue....













Overall I am very happy with how it turned out... has some nice heat to it, probably could've used heavier smoke but we'll do that next time.  Thanks to fpnmf for the recipe.

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Sausage looks great! I'm glad to see it worked out for you.

Now tell me how or what produced the graph, I need one of them toys.

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