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Need help with cold smoking in a MES

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I just bought my brother a MES for Xmas.  I was wondering if any of you could provide some input on cold smoking techniques for cheese on the MES and what you use.  I have a WSM and always use a small amount of charcoal and wood chips and it works great. 


I am familiar with the A-maze-n-smoker, just looking for other ideas.


Is there a technique using just the MES, or MES with a cast iron box inside??


Would it be possible to use a few chunks of charcoal and chips in the MES in a cast iron box without turning the MES on??


Any input would be great!!


Thanks as always.



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I have an MES30 and had tried a number of things over the years to do cheese.  Kept ending up with cheese puddles:-}}


AMNS is the way to go.

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I dont know if it would work but try using a small soup can or something along that lines with just a few lumps or brickettes what ever you use amd some wood chips.then i would pull the chip loader out for airflow.then use the maverick to watch the temps...just my 2 cents on what i would do if i didnt use the amazen smoker.

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Now I have an older GOSM small block that I use just for cold smoking. I use a single hot plate that you can get at Walgreens for like 10 bucks. I can get smoke with the temp being 60°or 70° with no problem at all. I just lay the chunks of wood right on the burner. Now thats not the greatest thing but I can turn it on high and put a tray on the burner and get smoke at about 100° or so.

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