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New Years Day Pulled Pork - Qview

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So im having a bunch of family over for New Years dinner, and i decided to do a couple boneless shoulders for pulled pork. I got two 4 lb boneless shoulders, i rubbed them down pretty good with my favorite rub and let them sit in the fridge over night  and put them in this morning with a ETA of 6 at the latest. I spray them down with a apple juice/rum mix every hour. They are looking and smelling awesome! Here is some starter pics to get you going.


Fresh meat, i have two of these.



Shoulders covered in rub and wrapped ready to sit all night.



Into the smoker.




Now here is what i also did, i had a small peice of loin that has been in a cure for canadian bacon and its ready to smoke. The smoker is too hot for the CB so i did some of this! I put a cooling rack over the top vent of the smoker, and then took a small box, poked a bunch of holes in it and put one of my extra smoker thermometers in the box so i can smoke the CB at the same time!


Loin on the rack over the top vent.



Covered with the box with the thermo in it.




More to come when finshed!

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It all turned out great. I smoked the shoulders to 165*, then foiled them. When they hit 195* i wrapped them in a towel and into the cooler they went for an hour and then i took them out and pulled it. Very good!


Foiled up.



One shoulder pulled and the other waiting to be pulled.



That bark is awesome!



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Great idea for the CB.  How did that work out?

The pulled pork looks great

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That CB worked good. Ill post pics of it tomorrow when i slice it.

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The PP looks great, but i'm very interested in the CB. I wan't to try some and your idea with the box looks great! Can't wait to see the sliced pics.

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That box is a neat idea.  What temperature did it get inside.  I had been contemplating something like that to do cheese -- but then I discovered the A-Maze-N smoker and have not looked back at any other way to do cold smoke.

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looks great

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Now the new year grub looks great. I didn't see the black eye pee's in there. I know you are suppose to eat them but we didn't have any either.

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The CB in the box worked very well, i knew i had a peice of CB that needed smoked but the temps i was doing the pork shoulders at was to high, so it hit me, put the CB on a rack above the top vent and cover it with a box. I even put a spare guage in the box. It smoked very well. The temps in the box were still a little higher than i wanted them to be but it came out fine. The temps in the box would fluctuate between 150-200*. Which after i saw that i propped the rack up higher (no pics of) and the temps lowered a little more. It only smoked for about 2 hrs and i thought it might have been too quick, but after i sliced it and tasted a peice this morning it seems fine. I smoked it to 165* internal so its ready to eat. So here are your CB pics. Enjoy!


After the smoke.









Happy New Year!

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The foiled pic with dual therms looked like star wars aftermath but the rest looked great. icon_lol.gif

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That CB looks great too!  Great idea catching the smoke up top, but not all of the heat!!!


Your slicing thickness looks good too---kinda half CB & half boneless Pork Chop.


Keep up the good work!



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Awesome looking pork!!

I like the box on top of the smoker too!

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Looks like you pulled off a great smoke all around.  Great idea on using the box

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Great idea on the CB!! Thanks for sharing.

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The CB actually looks thicker in the pictures than it actually is. Its actually only about a 1/4" thick. Just a little thicker than my regular bacon.

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