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1 st smoked sausage ??

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Just smoked my fist batch of polish was a package kinda thing from the people that make big chief smokers .So I got a boston but ground it up and stuffed them.all was well they looked great.smoked them to temp of 158 then put them in an Ice bath for a few.they looked and tasted great I was really happy.I put them in the frig and a few hours later the had a few little wrinkles in them.just wondering why.

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When they cool they shrink and you get the wrinkles. It also could be the way you cooked them, the amount of binder or water you used or how hot you got them while cooking. they say you can dip them in boiling water for 30 seconds to a minute and remove them, but i have yet to try it.

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Yea like Dan said. There are a few reasons that they come down with the wrinkles. If you got them too hot to fast they could have melted the fat inside of them thus leaving some room for them to shrink up.

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ya I bet that's it. got them hot to fast.



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make sure to poke out any air bubbles too after you stuff it and before you smoke it

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I have found to get plump wrinkle free sausage is to put as little water in the meat as possible and to cook the sausge for no more than 4 hrs. Set sausage out for 1hr with no heat to bring up sausage temp.( I consider this cooking the meat because it is no longer being chilled) start temp is 150 for 1hr then go to 180 at the second hr then at the third hr 225 to 250 depending on the ammount of sausage till internal temp reaches 160 and into a cold water bath. This method has worked best for me. It also helps to have a full water pan in the smoker for humidity.


remember this is meat with cure in it.....not fresh


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