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Brisket Prep Steps 1-3

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Gonna try my best to document my brisket process.  Couple of friends who usually just eat the finished product want my process.  Here is what Im working with today:


6lb Certified Angus Beef (CAB) Brisket Flat from Sams.  I buy these by the case for $3 per pound.  Most are in the 8-10lb range.  Perfect for competitions.  Big pit gets a rest today and I will be smoking on my Green Mountain Pellet Smoker.  We will be cooking fairly hot at 265-275 degrees.


Step 1 - after you open the bag, remove beef and coat with yellow mustard.  This adds ZERO to the flavor profile.  This allows the rub to stay put.

Step 2- Apply your rub of choice.  Today we are using Texas BBQ Rub Co. Brisket # 2 blend along with a little Starbucks Sumatra Blend.  Yes...I use coffee in my rub.

Step 3- Put on pit fat side DOWN.  I do fat side down when I plan on puttting the beef in a pan after I reach the color i want on the beef.


Pics below for these steps.  More to come as the day goes001.JPG003.JPG007.JPG002.JPG

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looks good! i love that texas bbq rub!  i made my first brisket with it and people thought i was some kind of pro! 


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huh.gif Must be a hell of a stall huh.gif

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Originally Posted by realtorterry View Post

huh.gif Must be a hell of a stall huh.gif




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That's a really great looking brisket, but my question is why are you smoking it at such a high temp?

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I'm gonna try this as my first brisket recipe while dialing in the new smoker!

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Looking forward to seeing how it turns out.

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So your not trimming the fat or the briskets you buy don't need it?

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Originally Posted by SmokinAl View Post

Looking forward to seeing how it turns out.

I gotta felling if it ain't done by now since he started it on Jan.1, 2001 and it is now April 20, 2011 it ain't ever gonna get done...


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How did I miss that? At that high heat it should be dust by now!

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2001? Seems like yesterday!


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I'm doing brisket today. I do a similar thing but I add rub first then mustard and then rub on top of that.  


last night a light dusting if stub's lime rub & lemon pepper then this morning  french's mustard and then more lemon pepper ? 



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