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Pork Loin Rib Roast with Qview

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I asked the butcher  to cut me a bone in pork loin roast. He did.



5.80 lbs@ 1.98 per pound.....hard to beat.




I rubbed it with mustard




and coated it with Jeff's Rub ( with a little extra pepper). 



Cooked it over a placesetter in the Egg @225 for 6 hours, sprayed with apple juice a few times.




The bark looks burnt, but doesn't taste that way.



As you can see, its still very moist. 


I have always cooked these in the oven until now. If anyone has any suggestions, I am not too smart to learn.





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now that looks very good, well done

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I only have two suggestions:


#1  Keep making your Pork loins like that---Looks perfect!


#2  Left-click on that last picture above, to get a closer look at some nice juicy smoked Pork!!!!


What was the internal temp when you removed it?




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I did not check the temp. I have a thermometer....guess I should start using it.
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smoking a 3 1/3 lb pork loin rib roast tomorrow for me and my wife, going to smoke a couple of spuds and a pot of what I call Jersey Devil Smoked Beans. Pics tomorrow

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0708131632.jpg 22k .jpg file





0708131634.jpg 21k .jpg file




Here are the pics, forgot to shoot the beans, was too hungry

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