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Black Eyed Peas for New Years???

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Happy New Year Everyone



Does any of you have the tradition of Blackeyed Peas for New Years?  I make them up with some Ham Hocks, Green & Red Peppers, Red Onions & Garlic. Serve with Hash Brown Taters & Bacon Chocolate Chip Cookies.






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Yup! We're having three white bean and ham. Excellent ritual.

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Black eyed peas and cabbage w/ cornbead  and some corned beef .

New years day meal for as long as i can remember.

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My brother always said corned beef & cabbage on New Year's day was good luck for the coming year.


Those peas look delicious!

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Hoppin John.  Black eyed peas with rice.

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Ditto on the Hoppin John.  Blackeyed peas, collard greens and rice soup.

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Well.... not being from a traditional family, but still having a love for good beans, I made some awesome pinto beans, pork chops, and cauliflower. Happy New Year everybody!

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We usaully do but this year we have alot of kids intown so things are alittle heckit around here. Maybe later after they all leave.

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black eye peas corn beef and cabbage with cornbread and smoke hog jaw

same thing ever year

and i am still poor LOL

just kidding i have what the main man wants me to have.a place to live food family and friends in a free country

what more do we need

happy new year to allhopmad.gif

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