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New Smoker

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Okay, I got a masterbuilt electric smoker for Christmas.  I have a small wild hog in the freezer, all deboned, which is going to be my first project on my new smoker.  The smoker is equipped with water pan, digital temp control, remote control.  My question is this, What temperature and how long should it take to cook this small pig, I have 4 shelves, and will divide the meat up on each shelf.  Any suggestions? 

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if it was me and a new smoker id try something out first, just to get a feel for your new smoker. and to season it a little bit. it would give me a reason to do a fattie or two and some abt's, not like i need a reason!!

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You going to have to be patient with me, since I am new to this, I dont know what abt is.  I am smoking the pig first because I killed it last year, and they are easy to go find and get another one if I mess this one up.


I also have buffalo, elk, venison, ptarmigan, and goose to smoke.  Thanks for any help you can send my way.

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All the meats you listed but the pig are very lean so be careful w/ them . they will dry out .

the pig is probably the best bet for the first smoke out of what you listed.

 i wouild quarter the pig and marinade over night . hit it w/ some rub and smoke it over some apple chips.

Put the thicker pieces on the right side of the MES as it runs hotter on that side.


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Abts are stuffed jalapenos wrapped in bacon!!
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Thanks guys, I will let you know how it turns out.  What temp should I set it on?

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The pig worked out well.  I used a commercial marinade.  KC Masterpiece Garlic and Herb, and used apple chips.  If I had do overs, I would use a marinade with a bit more jump to it. This one turned out to be a little light for my tastes.  The pig  was a wild one, pretty small, so there was not the amount of fat on it that you would expect on a tame one.  Thanks for the help folks

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