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Ribs a' la WSM!

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Had a hankerin for some spare ribs, so I rolled down to Costco and picked up a nice double pack. Trimmed them to St. Louis cut, sprinkeled with some Tony Chacharros and then topped with 3/4 Cup of brown sugar. Then left on the counter to allow the sugar to melt while I got the smoker ready.





Everybody into the pool for a nice bit of TBS (thin blue smoke)




Two hours in.....





Four hours in.....




I finished them off with a really thin BBQ sauce/glaze. Glazed them once the start of the 6th hour, and a second time 1/2 hr. later. Here is a rack just off the smoker.



..... and the rest of the crew.




Showing off the inside..... sorry the close up was a tad out of focus.





And the money shot! Plated up with some pesto rice and caesar salad with shaved parmesan.... dinner is served!


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Nice looking ribs.

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Nice job Johnny! Great smoke penetration. They look delicious.

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Thanks Rick... Thanks Al! biggrin.gif


Kids gave them the approval.... each ate 3 bones... lol.

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beautiful. Now i want ribs

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