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Slight Dilema

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I put my 11lb brisket in the GOSM at 11PM last night and didn't expect it to get to 190 until at least 1PM today. Well it is now 9:30AM and it is at 200. We are not eating until 6PM and I am not sure what to do at this point. Right now I have it foiled and wrapped in blankets and a huge pillow and sitting in my cooler, but I am afraid that it won't stay safe to eat until 6PM.


Any suggestions?

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Good Morning Mag,

     If I were you, I'd leave it right where it is (in the cooler) until dinner time. I don't think there will be any trouble at all. And by the way, how in the world did you get that thing done so quick?

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You'll be surprised at how warm that brisket is when you're ready to eat.  I've held pork butts for up to 9 hours and they were still too hot to handle.

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I think that part of the reason that it cooked so quick is that I had no stall. The last two that I did stalled at 175 for about two hours. This one did not stall at all. I checked the IT in several places to make sure I was not getting erroneous readings and it differed by only 5 degrees overall. The worst part is that it is sitting here in the house with me and it smells delicious. I hope I can wait until 6 before I tear into it.
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I would leave it right where it's at and maybe put in a probe thermo unit so you can watch the temp inside the butts.

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I do have a temp probe in it. At what temperature should I remove it from the cooler and put it in the oven for safe keeping?

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I would say if it gets around 140 then you would need to get it in the oven. That would be following the 40-140 rule as I believe it works backwards as well.  If you have a descent cooler and blankets and double foil I bet it will stay warm for you. Is crazy how long you can keep meat warm in a cooler like that.

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