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Doing some baby backs for a little get together at some friends house tomorrow. This will be my first time with baby backs. I have always smoked spares out of preference and thats all they allow in comps here in Texas. So that said they are rubbed down (with Jeff's rub) and resting in the fridge. I will be smoking them tomorrow along with a brisket and and some moink balls. 225 with some hicory and the amazin smoker and going to do the old 2-2-1 and see what that does for me!!




Cleaned up and membrane removed...



Rubbed down and ready for the fridge for the nite.


More to come tomorrow.....

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Looks good. 2-2-1 should do you good. I use 2-1.5-.75

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Originally Posted by bmudd14474 View Post

Looks good. 2-2-1 should do you good. I use 2-1.5-.75

Thanks, mabe I will cut back on the times of 1 or 2 of them to experiment a little!

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Your ribs look good so far. Now I would recommend that you smoke them using the 2-2-1 method and then change it to your liking. I have changed it to something like Brian because I like a little pull to my ribs. In fact I do my ribs the same way the Brian likes his. I think he copied me........LOL

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I agree use 2-2-1 then next time adjust. That way you have a base to work from and well to tell you the truth 2-2-1 is good

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I agree I would stick with the 2-2-1 or do some each way and see what you like the best. I stick right on the 2-2-1 and we love them that way.

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look good

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