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So. Cal meat sales

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For those of you in the So.Cal area, you may want to check with your local markets to see if these prices apply.


Ralphs will have a sale on untrimmed Tri Tip @$1.99 lb. Sale is for January 2-3-4 only.

Stater Bros. has a boneless pork loin @$1.99 lb.


I understand that these markets may not be close to some members, but maybe you can buy enough to make the trip worthwhile.

Happy New Year to you all.




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Hey Rich

Albertsons is running a 3 day (Started Wednesday runs thru Friday) half price on TBones - Rib Eyes - New Yorks and a bunch of others - Just saved $50 last nite

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Im jealous

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Those are some good prices, especially for the southern part of the state.  I saw a boneless pork loin at Costco the other day for $2.09.  I should have bought it, but I didn't have my cooler with me.

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