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I got a huge suprise today!

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My uncle always sees that i have something in the smoker.  After he tasted the q, he fell in love.  He works for a stair bulding company, and has acess to all sorts of wood.  Look what he bulit for me.  I have oak, hickory, cherry, pear, mulberry, maple, and beech.  Plus i have another box full of hickory, and a 4 foot piece of pear wood in the shed.  Talk about a suprise, i love it.








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thats a great surprise

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Some of a beech, that's sweet! icon_mrgreen.gif

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wow what a great uncle you have.thats awesome now you have to smoke something for a thanks.....maybe he'll keep that wood coming for you

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oh ya i have more pear, sassafras, and apple coming.  I smoked some ham up for his christmas party at work, and ever since he has been hooked!

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Thats awesome and a great gift for a smoker

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Very nice gift for sure. Congrats

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Holy smokes that is sweet. You better smoke him up something good to say thank you. haha

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Very nice. What a thoughtful gift.

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Man oh Man thats a good present for sure for a smoker. Now I would keep that guy around for he could be a great supply of chunks like that.

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You have very thoughtful uncle, icon14.gif

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That is one sweet smoker's gift if I've ever seen one what a surprise!!!  That is a helluva treasure chest you have there.

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that's pretty cool!

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Nice gift.... That's one cool uncle, he will have to be the official Q taster..... LOL

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hes tryin to make sure you keep cookin for him, bribery is effective on me. icon_mrgreen.gif

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That's cool. Could it be possible that he is my lost uncle from Maryland I been looking for all these years??...Just a thought. icon_smile.gif

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