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55 gal drum electric smoker

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hello everyone, im new to the forum and cooking in general. i was wondering what element could heat the inside of a 55 gal drum smoker i am constructing. is there any element that can obtain temperatures up to 250 to 280 and operates on 110 volts? any info would be greatly appreciated.

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I'm not sure about a 55 gallon but I built a 30 gallon recently. Here's my post with all the info. Hope this helps.


And welcome to the SMF. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

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I have two drums that currently run on charcoal baskets but I recently salvaged the grill portion off of a foreman outdoor grill. I was thinking it may work and it has the temp control just like an electric skillet. I think I will give it a shot in the spring, maybe with an a-maze-n dust burner a few inchs above the grill.



Good Luck and Please keep us posted with what you end up with.

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