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I made heaters with a similar design for my German Shepard's,but I used 150 watt flood lamps,works good for a while.but the bulbs burn out quick with out any ventilation.I definitely like the idea thou

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Can you hear that?




Don't hold back now!     yahoo.gif

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A little more progress finialy made built a door hasp and a skinned the front door




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Just an idea.. why not put a Dimmer switch in it  might be a good way to regulate heat less light lower temp.. more light higher temp..

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got wheels, drip pan, and thermostat tested.  All I have left is finishing.



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I still say I can hear it screaming for a pork butt!




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This weekend it will cook.

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1st real test this weekend cooked great.  need to adjust the temp a little and test again



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WOO WHOO! Looking good! thumb1.gif
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NICE!! Imagination and fabrication skills. I love it. Waiting for the Q-view now

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I will get some more pics of the way the build turned out.  I needed to take the top to it to my shop at work to use the box brake so it did not look good but other than that i am happy with the way it worked.  Boston butts this weekend a little dry rub and we'll see what happens.  

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Very nice build. Looking forward to the finish.

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Third time cooking in it no problem with the lamps yet.  this last round was some real good pulled pork.  I still need to paint the rest of the outside but I think all the testing is done and I now have a easy smoke cooker.  It was a fun project that all my friends thought I was crazy wasting my time on something that would never work.  (that is why I had to finish it no matter what)



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Nice butt!!    drool.gif    thumb1.gif


So, you happy with the smoker?

Would you change anything?

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Been a while since I have been on here but the update is that after cooking in this thing for at least 35 times the lamps are still working.  If you keep them protected from any drippings they will last a long time.  I wish the tray that holds the wood chips were farther away from the lamps, but other than that I would not change anything.  I am thinking about building a big brother to this one using stainless steel.

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popcorn.gif  I can't wait to see big brother take shape

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Great build!  Any more progress?  Post some more pics!

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