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Christmas with a Chick and Chuck (Q-View)

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With all that awesome smoked cheese I had I figured I'd make something to go with it. After all can't just eat smoked cheese for Christmas dinner. So I thought how about a couple Chuckies. Did a simple rub on them with the spices you see here.








Let them chill overnight.




Got the grill up to temp.




Started smokin. Foiled them at 170. Brought up to 200.




Time to prep the chicken. Made a butter with garlic, onion powder and paprika to rub under the skin. Stuffed it with apples and rosemary.




Chicken's done.




Baked a couple loaves of Italian bread to go with.




1st Chuckie done. Hit 200. Took it off and foiled, wrapped in towels and stuffed in a cooler for 2 hours. The smaller roast actually took 2 more hours to cook. Took it off at 185. Got sick of waiting.





Don't forget the cheese.




Merry Christmas all. And a Happy Boxing Day to AK and all of our Canadien friends.



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Great job Scott---All looks mighty tasty!




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I have to agree with Bear. Great Job and it all looks awesome. I really like the cheeses.

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Looks great man, Merry Christmas!

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Looks fabulous, especially using the Cavander's! Gotta love that!

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Great job .....It looks really good all of it...

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That all looks good and I bet it tasted even better

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Oh boy, do I love chuckies!!! those look beautiful! I like your spice choices, too.  And that cheese sure looks yummy, too!  Hope you and your family had a great time around your pretty tree!!

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