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Yet another Rib Roast (With Qview)

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I did a 13 lb roast yesterday for Christmas dinner. Coated with EVOO then sprinkled with salt, pepper, and garlic. Used a combo of apple and cherry wood and kept the smoker between 225 and 250. When it hit 133 I pulled it and wrapped in foil and towels and into a warm dry cooler till slicing just before dinner. Thanks for looking















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OK - I'm hungry again... thanks!

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That looks very nice

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That looks just plain AWESOME Jerry !!!!


Thanks for showing!


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Yes Jerry thats a great way to spend Christmas Dinner. I'm sure you and yours loved it and you all have a Very Merry Christmas too.  

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how long did it cook piney

 it looks great

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It took 5 hours in the smoker and the smoker wanted to stay around 240-245 most of the smoke

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Great job as always. Enjoy your posts

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Wow! The thread title says "yet another" I personally can't find the redundancy in looking at something that gorgeous.

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WOW !!!!!!!!  Perfect....

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Look delicious! We did one yesterday also. I pulled it at 120* and it was perfect medium rare. Looking at yours it's obvious I lost temp control a couple of times because mine did not looks as evenly cooked. Anyway, we are getting ready to sit down for leftovers.

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Nice job on that side of beef Jerry, It looks perfect.

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Jerry that looks great as always hope You and yours had a great Christmas

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Damn Jerry why u gotta do tht to a guy,, i am drulling.

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Very nice.  icon14.gif

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Great job, Jerry!  But, how did you get everyone to wait long enough to get a picture of the whole thing sliced?  I had to beat 'em off with the back end of the cimeter just to keep 'em from grabbing and chawing!  lol!  Wonderful looking prime beast!

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Great looking roast. I love that platter picture.

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Awesome, no AWESOME!!!  Love the qview!

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Yep, WOW!! and all of the above!!  Perfect!

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Jerry, that looks like heaven.  PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

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