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I put 20 lbs of lump in and one lit chimney on one side and it warmed up quick.  It hovered around 260 for the first hour and then spiked to 318, I shut the damper on the smoke stack.  After 10 minutes of a lot of white smoke backing up, the temp crashed to 250 and stayed there for the next six hours.  So I had 7 hours of sustained heat.  After seven hours I pulled the plug and went to the bed.  I can't wait to get some meat on it.  And NEVER NEVER buy thermometers from Walmart.

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3/26/11 I lit the fire at 0530.  I put the meat on at 0600.  about 0620 I achieved 220 degrees, it has held constant at 220 since.  I think the biggest spike I have had (right now it is1000) was at 225.  I will put the two racks of baby backs on in an hour or so.  Here is a Qview of the pork roast.

004.JPG As you can tell it was still early morning when I took it and the sun barely broke over the wall in back.

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Awesome color on that roast! 

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Damn if the neighbor didn't bring over two racks of pork ribs to be seasoned and thrown on.  Got to love the power of the smoker.  Since it was his welder that I used to create this monster it was the least I could do was cook his meat for him.

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Here is the finished product.





Now I have to finish the trailer and live happily ever after.

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Man o man that's some really good looking Q?

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Looking mighty fine there,


I gotta laugh at myself cause I had to re read your earlier post where you talked about temp spike. LMAO  You said at 10:00 it was at 225. BUT I thought it said the temp spike was 1000 degrees and I couldn't help but say holy shit.


Great job.

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Good lookin' Q!Looks-Great.gif

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Family tree is full of good cooks and creative people-----


Looks good--smoker and meat.


Can't wait to come down and try some.


I'll even bake the apple pie.


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I finally got back to working on it and have finished the inside.  Today I put in dampers between the fire box and the smoke chamber.  Then put a defuser plate across the two tubes coming from the fire box. 







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I need to put a rain cap on the smoke stack, mount the fenders, secure the box on the rear of the trailer, and make a wood box between the tool box and the smoke chamber.  Then another paint job and I think I can call it finished.

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That was a rare treat! Thanks for all the pics. I agree with the fellow who posted concern about the location of the axle; a "short coupled" trailer is a pain to back. I would suggest moving the axle back to the original position.


really nice looking rig otherwise!

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I am going to put a long removable tounge on it and see how that works.  Also I can remove it and I won't be breaking my knee caps while drinking...... I mean smoking meat.  And I also want to do that so the bastard thieves can not steal a trailer with no tounge on it.

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Thats the way to do it. If the thieves have to work, chances are they will leave it alone. My old trailer is built with a removable tongue, it was a pretty cool deal taking it out to make room for folks to walk around.
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Good looking build you got there


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looks good Great Q view





Nice bike what you got?

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To bad that is my neighbors bike!!!! But he has a beautiful Harley.  Short pipes and the Harley sound to go with it.

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Nice job!! Thanks for sharing!!icon14.gif
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Got some more done.  I still need the removable toungue, the wood box (bewtween the storage box and the smoke chamber), and run the wiring.  Not bad, I hope to have the wood box and the wiring done next weekend.


The raincap, I wanted something a little more ornate, but then it would have looked strange with everything else looking ugly.  So I went with simple/functional.


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I got the storage box mounted and the fenders welded on.



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