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smoker 010.JPGsmoker 015.JPGsmoker 008.JPG

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This is the trailer I hope to get for it.  Also above you can see the damper I put in the smoke stack.


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Looks good,getting close to time for some thin blue smoke.....icon14.gif

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Looking good!!!!


Every time I look at that thing, I think wow thats bigger then I thought. I really like the looks of it. My current smoker has the stack coming out the bottom of the tank and I haven't had any troubles with it going stall on me. I do run a fairly large fire to keep temps up tho.

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Looking Good!icon14.gif

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Looks great so far!

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Well...... I got the trailer from above.  I got it home and spent two weeks stripping everything off.  AND lo and behold it is bowed like an old matress.  I have decided I am going to ignore the bend.  I did move the axle and leaf springs as forward as possible to ensure the smoker is above the axle as possible.  Today I put some extra supports on for the smoker mount.  I welded on the mount and firebox.  My connections from the firebox to the smoke chambers aren't long enough so another trip to the junk yard is called for.  Here are the most up to date pics.




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Here are the two dogs that made them selves at home while I was working on the smoker.  Any one around El Paso, Tx, that wants some husky pups?




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Since I can see some weld in the pics it may be to late but in my opinion I think it would look way better to have the firebox hang off the back and have the axle as far back as you can get it.


Plus backing up the trailer the way you have it could be a challenge. I have pulled many trailers over the last 25 years and again in my opinion that trailer is gonna go down the road like the Little Mermaid's tail. 

Let alone be pretty tough to back up. 


What are you planning on pulling it with? And are you planning on taking it on the highway or just have the ability to move it around?

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My original plan was to make a ten foot removable tongue.  But no one around here carried the correct kind of steel to do that and I had already moved the axles.  I am going to stay the course for now.

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I will run out back and take a couple pics, to show how I solved the size difference on the square tube on my old trailer.


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Well it seems that I can't load pics AGAIN. So I will just tell ya what I have. 


4" square 3/8"wall tube on the trailer.

3" square 1/4"wall tube for the tongue.


The 3" has a 1/8" strap wrapped around the tube in two locations. With a pin hole half way between the two straps.


The 1/8" takes the play out that is caused by the difference in size.  


This also allows room to grind a small grove in the tongue side, to accomadate (sorry for the spelling, seems that that isnt working again also.) the seem inside the 4" tube on the trailer. 


If your interested, I can try to post the pics when the site allows.

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Yeah, I would like to see how you did it.  I thought about it today on a very long drive (4hours one way) and I think I have a workable solution.  If I get some stout round tube, and weld a plate at the end and a hitch on the other end, and a plate on the trailer.  Then I could get some heavy duty bolts and just bolt on the tongue when I need it.  I think it should work.

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Gonna try again.


You can see the notch on the drivers side, thats for the seem on the inside of the 4" tube. With the tools I have, I could find no way to remove the seem so I did the next best thing. The notch makes no difference in the strength of the tube. If I were to build another I think I would size the tubes so that I could use 1/4" wear pads like used on extending boom cranes and such.  This way there would be no chance of weld weakness in the heat affected zone, since there is a fair amount of stress right there where the tongue extends out of the receiver. 


This is a great way for ya to not worry about ramming your shins into the hitch while smoking. It also makes it tough for someone to steal your trailer.







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I have to mark and then cut the holes in the smoke chamber to accomodate the plumbing from the fire box.  But I had to atleast get it up there and take some pics.  I have most of it primed and ready for the last few welds.




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It's really coming along nicely!

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Next up a run through the car wash and then thin blue smoke.  I still need to weld one more weld along the ring and fab up a rain cover for the smoke stack.  I will probably put a diffuser plate above the inlets from the firebox.

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Hoop, it's looking good to me, but I am no builder or metal worker, but it still looks good to me!  I do have a few questions.  How much length do you have from the smoker to the back of the trailer?  What do you plan to use that space for? It looks like it could use some tires and wheels, any plans for that?  In Virginia, when you build a trailer or modify something to work as a trailer once it is finished you must have the Virginia State Police come out and check it over and issue a number for it which is something like a VIN number.  They then complete a form and you must take the trailer to a Virginia Inspection Station and have it inspected by them.  You then take the papers that the trooper completed and the receipt from the inspection station to the DMV office and they give you a certificate of ownership and a tag to attach to the trailer with the date approved and the vehicle number stamped on it and give you the very specific instructions as to where the tag is to be attached to the trailer at and how.  After DMV does this you can then, while you are there, purchase your highway use tag for the trailer or order a specialty or vanity plate for your trailer.  I know different states have different laws but I was just wondering if you had to go through anything like that to get your trailer road ready?  I hope you don't have to go through all that but Virginia is pretty strict on anything that you pull behind a vehicle on the road.  Keep up the good work, like I said before, it looks pretty good to me!


Your SMF Friend,

Barry  biggrin.gif

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I am not sure what the "Hoops" are that I have to jump through.  My neighbor is a cop I am hoping he will know.  I just bought a tool box to place on the back, I think I am going to chop off a foot or so.  In the box I think I am going to mount a propane burner.

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