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new MES somker

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Well just got a new MES from qvc it is one of the 1500w with legs.what is it missing insulation? and will it have the wiring issues the other ones are having.I'm an ol school guy so i'm ok with the analog and no window.


thanks Russ

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You are correct about the missing insulation but it is double walled to help hold temp better.

You should not have the same wiring issue other MES owner have. Your unit has completely different

type of heating element controller. Your unit has a Analog controller that is fully self contained. See picture of example.


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I was just wondering because I see some folks upgrading 2 a 1200 watt element.I really do not think mine will get up to 275f.and would be a lot more sensitive to outside temps.I have used it only a few times.

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well I do not think I will need it.this thing gets plenty hot it was the thermometer in the door that was way off I put the ready check 72 on it and it was getting plenty warm

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