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My first fatties

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I'm doing my first fatties for Christmas Breakfast  i will have more qviews tomarrow but here is one I got with my phone


they are egg ,hashbrowns and cheese with ham in one

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Boy that sounds good!!  Don't forget to get some pics of the finished fattie!!

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ok got pic. loaded to pc they went fast

hashbrowns egg cheese

first fatties 1.jpg

hash browns egg cheese ham

first fatties 2 with ham.jpg

my first weave

first fatties weave3.jpg

first fatties 3.jpg

on the smoker they go

first fatties on the grill.jpg

it was to cold out 200 was as hot as i could get the smoker so 2 hours on the smoker 1 hour in the oven

first fatties done 2.jpg

not bad for my first try

first fatties done 3.jpg

and with ham

first fatties done 3 with ham.jpg

now time to start the spare ribs for dinner

spare ribs 3.jpg

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Looks awesome!!

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NICE!! congrats on your fatties - bet they didn't last long! 

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nice looking fatties, did you glaze them

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Fatties look great! I like the combination, eggs, hashbrowns, cheese, & ham.

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Looks real good Coyote1 !!!




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Your fatties look awesome and I know that they were great tasting too. Now where are the ribs I want to see the ribs.............................LOL

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no glaze I put them in oven to crisp the bacon and they where hot out of the oven 

spare ribs

spare ribs done.jpg

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drool.gif.  Very nice.  I'd love to try the hashbrowns. 

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Those look fantastic. Looking mighty tasty. Great job!

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Nothing like dual fatties. icon_cool.gif

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WHOA! Ribs look fantastic! What a meal!beercheer.gif

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Both ribs and fatties look like they came out great! Nothing like smoked meats for breakfast, lunch, and dinner - the perfect trifecta!

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they look very good and now I am very hungry

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Thank You all more to come

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