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Xmas dinner. Prime rib and ham qview

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Well... looks like I will be doing first Bone-in usda prime prime rib.




I only have a measly ECB to do this. So I might do the ham first thing in the morning. aka, 8am or when I get up. I'm planning to do a pineapple sweet glaze one side and jeff's savory rub on the other side, a HYBRID ham! Already cooked so it can't be too tricky.


The P PR is going to be a challenge. I think i'll keep a minimal prep, fresh minced garlic, onion and garlic powders, some olive oil... is there anything i left out? No fresh herbs like rosemary or thyme avail :( I have dried stuff like oregano/basil...


I plan on cutting a slit where the rib touches and putting some of that garlic/onion powder minced garlic. ( good or bad idea?)


oh yeah. IT's not going to fit on the grill whole slab, so should I cut 3 or 4 ribs on the smaller side (toward the rear ?)

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Sounds like you have a good plan good luck with your smoke

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I'd keep that baby whole and go low and slow. Don't rush such a beauty. Folks will be here all day if you get into a jam. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

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Well, I diced it into 4 bone with a slit right above the rib.


Next time, less seasoning in the slit/pocket.


used Red Oak. man those chunks are huge compared to others i've used.




























critiques welcomed.



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Now thats a thing of beauty there Mole. It looks alot like the one I smoked myself. I love the ribs the best.

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