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I picked one up for 2.99 a pound. There called a ribeye roast in most stores here. But thats my price, not the store price. rolleyes.gif

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Well, I went to Farmer Als yesterday afternoon to check out the roasts. Unfortunately there weren't too many left (3-4), and they didn't look all that great. I did manage to get one that looked decent. Some marbling, but definitely ungraded beef. Camera batteries are dead so I'll post a pic later.

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Here's a picture of the one I picked up the other day.S3000005.JPG

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Man I would go out and buy another freezer and fill that baby up!

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The best I've seen here in north Florida is $5.99/lb on sale. We did a 3 bone for Christmas dinner and I bought 4 extra 3's for the freezer. We won't see sale prices again here until Easter, at which time I will stock up once a again.

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Yeah I came to this realization when I went shopping last weekend. I picked up a "Choice" which was the regular $9.99 price. But now I'm wondering how good a "Select" could be if done the uber SMF way. Maybe buying those for eating it more often.


This is what I ended up with, a bit over done as I was playing video games and forgot to check during the last few minutes.



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