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ham glaze / rub question, off topic ribs w/ qview.

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for a glaze, i saw pitmaster guys use serrano peppers... would that end with a spicy (tongue on fire) taste?


for a rub, jeff's video, he used mustard to hold the rub on, would that end with a mustardy taste ? I don't care much for mustard, i want the ham to be on the sweeter than succulent side.


Currently smoking 6 slabs on my ECB :D


I'm smoking a prime prime rib (bone in)


and half bone in ham precooked... was wondering what rub or glaze i would want to aim for.


oh as for the ribs: SDC10303.jpg



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This is the glaze I use on my hams and it is awesome. 2 cups brown sugar, 2 cups honey, and a stick of butter. Heat those together and glaze the ham about every 30-45 minutes.


ham final.jpg

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Great glaze. Root beer, molasses , tbsp liquid crab boil. season w/ old bay and brown sugar,

baste w/ glaze a few times while heating in the smoker.

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You'll never know the mustard was there.  I've been using extra virgin olive oil lately too which works good if you don't have mustard.  

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ribs came out eh...some were fall off the bone and others did not. I used jeff's secret recipe. i think i'll tweak it by adding more garlic and onion.


I was not as impressed with this batch, however the people who had them said, "it was the greatest ever." the ribs (5 slabs) were gone in 20 mins, group of ~15, So i'm happy on the outside, but not too content inside.





I followed the 2-2-1, and during the foil, I used apple cider.


water pan had some apple cider with water.


Any suggestions what I may do for the next batch?

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Don't know what type of smoker you are using  and how sure you are of your cooking temps.

 but just looking at the picture of your finished ribs ,i see some racks w/ a little pull back on the bones and some w/ none.

I'd bet ya a nickle that the ones w/ pull back were the ones that were good and tender.

 Just remember that as smokers ,We are our own worst critics.

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Mole, That's what keeps us coming back to the smoker. Trying to have that perfect BBQ.

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hard to see on the computer but those ribs look to be spares? If so next time try the 3-2-1.


Did you use the mustard?


The serrano glaze will depend on your taste buds & how you cut the Serranos. If you don't have a tongue for the heat cut out the seeds & ribs

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^ those are baby back... from costco.


as for the results.


I did a Hybrid: glaze, jeff's rub with mustard and plain.


OMG. awesomeness. That mustard is the glue, is the key, tasty tasty tasty.


















critiques welcomed!

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Now your ribs do look good but that ham is off the hook. I hope thast you used the glaze that Bob (eman) recommended it sounds great. Then anything with old bay is good in my book.

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Man, That is one fine looking ham!   beercheer.gif

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