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CSR's with QView

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After all these threads I've seen with people smoking the Country Style Ribs..thought I'd start a batch today...I just threw them on my UDS over apple wood at 235F.


Here's the photo with them slathered in dry rub.



oh yeah and here is some Venison Jerky (sweet and spicy) that just came outta my MES 30" last night!



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Looks like a good start on the CSR's, the jerky looks tasty too.

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looking good

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deer jerky is better than beef jerky.... let us know how that apple wood does.  I'm getting some and would like to know how the apple does.

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That jerky looks killer!  And I can't wait to see the CSR's finished!

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Looks like a great day to be around your house with all the good stuff outta that smoker!!!!!

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