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X-MAS feast at work

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started a 9 lbs pork shoulder last night around 9:30 in my MES 40 set the temp at 200 and lit up the amns with hickory, got to work this morning and placed a 9 lbs sprial ham (which i injected with pineapple juice and brown sugar) and 10 lbs worth of pork riblets, 1/2 dry rub and 1/2 will get hit with some bbq sauce around 10 am or so.....Q-VIEW  will be added

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Looking forward to the Q-view

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Sounds like it's gonna be good we"ll be looking forward to the Qview cause you know the saying roflmao.gifROTF.gifroflmao.gif



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LOL Piney ROTF.gif

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Sorry we have new smileys and I have to use them biggrin.gif and sorry about the hijack.gif  I'll stop now

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sorry for the fuzzy pic,  darn cell phones..

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Ok you redeemed yourself - even with a cheap fuzzy cell phone pic. Nice job and I'll bet the folks at work are going to be very happy yahoo.gif

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actually alot of people at work have been cussing me out because of the smell...they are getting VERY hungry already...LMAO yahoo.gif

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wet and dry rub ribletts




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That's some good looking groceries.  Be ware, you will probably become the official company chef and be expected to cook at all company functions from now on.

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Looks Great Redneck.


We're gonna need more Qview though!


BTW: I saw a notice on your bulletin board at work.


It said, "What are you smoking for us next week???"  eek.gif




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sprial ham....glazed with butter, brown sugar and honey....this stuff did not last very long..

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i need a nap...my tank is full and so is everyone else...we had so much food here, we could have fed a small army.PDT_Armataz_01_40.gif

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i still need to pull out my pork shoulder, it stalled when i started to add all the other meats to the smoker, luckily...we snack on all this food for about 3 days after words.

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It looks outstanding PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif

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Very nice job I really like the pics too. I know that the folks at work love it too. Great Job.beercheer.gif

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juicy and tender, the bone pulled right out with no meat attached






and the finished pulled pork.  one of my salesmen tried it and said it was the best he ever had...and he's had pp from texas, kentucky, kansas and many other states that i cant remember...kinda made me fill good icon_biggrin.gif

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Grats! That was a stellar line up for the office, and it sounds like it was well recieved!

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Way to go redneck, It all looks very good but the ham looks AWESOME! great job my friend  PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif

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Great job Red, pulled pork, ribs, ham, those are some mighty fine eats. I'm gonna have to agree with the others, that you are probably now the offical company Chief Cook & Bottle Washer. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif

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