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Split 16# Turkey

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I have a 16# turkey I'm going to split to smoke but not sure of the time at 230-250. I don't want it done a long time befor dinner. I'm thinking around 6 hrs???? Will be brined in Jeff's cranberry brine.


THANKS ahead for all replies.

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Well, presuming you're following Jeff's monthly newsletter for guidance, in it he suggests figuring 30-40 minutes per pound, but since you're splitting the bird, you're actually dealing with 8 lbs, kinda sorta.  I say kinda sorta because you have to remember that when you first put the bird (or most any meats you can't let sit on the counter to "warm up" before adding to the smoker), you'll get a chamber temp drop.  All in all, your time guideline seems reasonable, however, remember, we tend to preach temperature of the meat as the true "doneness" test, not time.  BTW, since you seem to be on a strict time line, you have factored in the rest time at the end, haven't you, the time needed to let the juices settle back into the meat core?

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The turkies that I have smoked this way have taken about 3 to 3.5 hours.  The reason for the faster time is that I smoke them at around 300 degrees.  From what I have learned on this site it does not pay to cook poultry low and slow.  Our Thanksgiving bird was brined over night and it cooked at 310 for about 3 hours and was fantastic.  Its weight was 15 lb.  Hope this helps.

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No I didn't figure in the covered & uncovered rest period. So I think I'll add 1.5 more hrs. I would rather have it done a little early rather than late.



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Now you are doing the right thing to split that thing. You don't want to take a chance on a bird that big. So smoke on and please don't forget the Q-view.

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