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Forgive me, Smokers, for I have sinned. (Qview added)

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A friend of mine was kind enough to offer me some venison since I do not hunt anymore. He had left it in his driveway in a cooler for me. At first glance it appeared to be several gallon baggies of coarsely ground venison, I gestimated it to be between 25 and 30 pounds. So I ran into town and grabbed a summer sausage kit, a jerky kit, and 20 lbs of 95% hamburger. While I was in town I ordered a beef tenderloin for Christmas dinner, on sale for $9.99/lb.


This would be my first attempt at summer sausage so I borrowed a buddy’s grinder/stuffer on the way home. I cleared me out a spot to work in the kitchen and I was very eager to begin. I got out my “extra” spices and pepper jack cheese, and I set up my meat mixer on the counter next to my friend’s grinder/stuffer. I surveyed my surroundings and when I was satisfied everything was ready to go and all my props were in their proper place it was time to bring in the meat.  yahoo.gif


As I was putting the baggies of venison in the kitchen sink, much to my astonishment, I discovered four full tenderloins and several roasts under the two baggies of coarsely ground venison. I very excitedly shared my discovery with my wife who did not share my enthusiasm at all. She will not eat wild game at all (if she knows about it).  icon_redface.gif


In my excitement I had rapidly envisioned myself canceling my beef tenderloin order, smoking a venison tenderloin or two, and proudly serving them to our families and friends for Christmas dinner. I pled my case before my wife. She was unmoved. I pulled out all the stops and played every trump card I thought I had. The cost of the beef tenderloin, the quantity of the meat on hand, the quality of the venison before me, and the value of what sit in our lowly kitchen sink, but it seemed as if there wasn’t any room for compromise.   PDT_Armataz_01_19.gif


My vision began to fade, crushed at my feet. In a last ditch effort I tried to salvage a venison tenderloin for our own personal use. No! I tried to negotiate a half of a tenderloin for supper some night. No! What about just enough of a tenderloin for a single meal for us, I’d fix it up just right you wouldn’t be able to tell it was venison. No, no, and NO! I caught myself begging. Reluctantly the helplessness of my situation began to sink in and I had to once again accept my place in the natural order of things in the grand footprint of life.  hissyfit.gif


One by one, under a cautiously observant supervisory eye, all of the venison went through the grinder and into the meat mixer where the spices, cure, cheese and hamburger were tenderly blended into it. All the while in my mind’s eye I could see a large hand from nowhere slapping me across the face while a booming voice asked over and over and over again “when will you ever learn to keep your big mouth shut”.  th_dunno-1[1].gif


When the thin blue smoke cleared I had 30 lbs of venison summer sausage and 11 lbs of venison sticks to show for my efforts.


As I sampled (quality control checked) the sausage and sticks, packaged them up for freezing and sharing, and, later,  as I begin to share them with my friends and co-workers I just can’t keep myself from thinking “next time it’ll be  different, I will be able to contain myself and keep my mouth shut”.  duck.gif

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Elizabeth.....i think this is the big one........I'm coming to join you honey.


Just kidding, they should be some great sausage and snack sticks.  Also, you are a kind man.  My crew gets what I cook, or they are welcome to have a peanut butter sandwich.

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I'm with Smoke 2 Geaux, (This if it was the kids)..PDT_Armataz_01_27.gif .... if you don't like it, you can eat whatever else you want to fix yourself. In your case and it's the wife,duel.gif  I would have at least may be had a beef option for her (this is to keep the peace) maybe some filet mignon and I would have happily eaten those tenderloinsdrool.gif. That's was how I finally got my wife to eat deer,  I cooked 4 filet wrapped in bacon (1 each for dinner and 1 each for our lunches the next day) and the next day we picked up each other’s lunch bowels. She came home and said that the filet was better the next day  . I had explained to her that she had eaten my deer. Well that is all it took, she has been hooked ever since yahoo.gif. All I can say, is at least you were able to still enjoy some of it in the jerky… beercheer.gif.....Shoneyboy

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I make my TL into canadian bacon.

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Good thing you didn't have pics, the thought of it is bringing tears to my eyes.icon_cry.gif

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Should have gotten them into the freezer as fast as you could have an she would have never known. Then you could have made it for supper one night and she would have realized how good it is.

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YIKES hissyfit.gifhopmad.gifeek.gif you did what ouch that hurt I feel for you. My wife for the first 15 years of our marriage wouldn't eat wild pork let alone venison jk.gifwell she finally tried the pork and decided it was pretty good icon14.gif but still not venison mad.gif  heck she frowned when I even brought it into the house. I would cook it for my daughter and myself finally about 3 or 4 years ago she decided to try it. Its now on the menu quite often beercheer.gif


Finally here is what else I have to say about all this talk of Venison Summer Sausage and Snack Sticks wheres the Qview??


worthless.gif        biggrin.gifROTF.gifyahoo.gif

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" I pulled out all the stops and played every trump card I thought I had." 


The key statement in all arguments with the wives! LOL


I feel your pain my friend.

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OK! OK! When I get home I'll post the Qview, but Ill have to hang my head in shame.

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Venison sausage is pretty good in any way, shape, or form so I wouldn't hang my head. I would be a little more sneaky next time tho biggrin.gif

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Hey Arnie,

We forgive you. We all know you gotta do what ya gotta do sometimes, just to keep the peace, and keep the other half happy.


Watching for the Qview.


BTW: Nice use of the new smileys too----And you other guys too!!!





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Originally Posted by Shoneyboy View Post

"and the next day we picked up each other’s lunch bowels. She came home and said that the filet was better the next day ."

I hope you meant bowls. PDT_Armataz_01_13.gif

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MY WIFE DOES WHAT THE HELL I TELL HER TO DO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what yes coming dearth_dunno-1[1].gif

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Here is a shot of my buddy's grinder/stuffer.

He dropped by to about half way through stuffing the sticks to see what was taking me so long. 

I was sinking fast before he showed up and bailed me out, this was a tad to ambitious for one guy to tackle alone


Grinder Stuffer .JPG


Here it is fresh out of the smoker.

Half of the first roll of summer sausage and several of the sticks disappeared almost in a blink of an eye.


30 lb Summer sausage 11 lb Sticks.JPG


OH! And it is SOooOo good!

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Looks good  PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif I also have a LEM grinder

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 Here's my chance to save face. I just put in a load of venison ham for a friend


Venison Loins for Morrie.JPG

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Arnie, how hard is it to stuff using the grinder set up like that? I have never tried it set up that way. The one I have (Cabela's) has a extension with a auger piece that helps push it out. It is an easy one man operation.... DSCF7559.JPG

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Glad to see more smileys added! yahoo.gif

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Looks Great Arnie!!!!


I love the picture of it on the stove!



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I have a whole deer(VERY SMALL) in the big freezer and my wife wont even open it up.not sure what to do about getting some of it slid into dinner one night.duck.gif

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