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Spares,ABT's,Fatty,&Beans for football

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I had planned to smoke a rack of spares for the wife & myself for this afternoon, but then we had some jalapeno's in our garden so I thought ABT's, then while I was on SMF this morning I got inspired to try a fattie, which will be my first. Of course you have to have beans with ribs. So here's what we got.



12-19-10 smoke (1).JPG


I trimmed the ribs up a little & plan on putting them on the bottom rack with the fattie & the rib trimmings over them so they will drip on the ribs. Here they are in the smoker.



12-19-10 smoke (2).JPG



Will continue to update throughout the day. I put them in the smoker at noon.

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Here they are at 2 hours.



12-19-10 Smoke(3).JPG


The probe says the ABT is done, but I'm gonna let it go a little while longer. I stuffed it with provolone & fresh spinach so I think the probe is probably in the stuffing not the meat. I think I'll let it go least 3 hours. The smoker temp is holding at 225 on the bottom rack. Which I guess is about 10-15 degrees below the top rack. Man it's a good thing I put the ABT's in a pan because I put way too much filling in them. I guess we'll just eat them with a spoon. Neighbor's smelled the BBQ & are coming over to help us eat all this food. There bringing beer & wine. Doesn't get any better than that.

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Al I like your style. beercheer.gif

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Dang Al that looks great. Cant wait to see the results.

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Just pulled off the ABT's. I guess we'll eat them with a fork or spoon. They taste great, just a little messy.



12-19-10 (4).JPG


Sorry the photo is a little blurry! Did I mention the neighbor was bringing beer & wine.

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Here's the fattie:



12-19-10 fattie.JPG



Boy I just can't get the focus right. 

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Here it ready to eat.



12-19-10-- fattie (2).JPG


"Here it ready to eat". Man I can't even type anymore, but more to come. 

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They all look really good!   I am jealous that you still have a garden to get produce out of.  We were done here in CO over a month ago. 


Try using the macro function on your camera.  Helps with the focus issue.  Look for a little flower symbol on the camera and select it.   Another method is to back the camera off a little bit and use the zoom.

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Hey thanks fourthwind I'll try that with the next pic. However the beans are done & their eatin em.



12-19-10 (5).JPG



I promise the next photo will be crystal clear.

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Here's the ribs.


12-19-10 ribs (1).JPG



12-19-10 ribs (2).JPG

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Man that sounds like a wonderful Sunday smoking meat and watching football. I am jealous.

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that all  looks good even the blurry ones lol

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Looking good - what's in the fatty?

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Looking great!   Still waiting for our ribs and fatty to get out of the smoker.  Were a few hours west =)

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That all looks like a mighty tasty meal - Congrats man

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I have beer & wine too!
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EllyMae, The fattie has provolone & fresh spinach in it.

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