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What kind of bread for brisket sammies?

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I am getting ready to do a brisket for some old friends on New Years Eve and I thought I would put out some bread for those who would like to make sammies. What kind of bread do you recommend for the sammies?


I don't want something as mundane as hamburger rolls. I want something that will hold up to a good amount of finishing sauce on the bread.

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Sourdough holds up really well and is a great offset taste to some sharp cheddar that you could use to top that meat.  It also soaks up a ton of juice! 

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I like the sourdough idea. What about ciabatta? Would that be a good choice also?

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Get a good onion roll and use some smoked cheese on it or bake some sourdough onion cheese rolls that will rock that sammie

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Any nice crusty dinner roll works in my opinion.  It's simply a vessel for what's inside.  Brisket, smoked cheddar, and some Garlic mayo is tough to beat!

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I use the fresh baked hoagie rolls from Albertson's deli (or any bakery).

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somebody above hit the nail on the head..Ciabatta rolls/buns are a harder, denser bread   that do not get soggy and flimsy when putting juicy meat on them...they hold up well..and taste great.


my recommendation as well would be the Ciabatta roll


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some good crunchy french bread w/ a side of au jus for dipping

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Ok, so now I just have to narrow it down between the sourdough, the French bread (or Italian) and the ciabatta. I will definitely have some sharp cheddar and some pepper jack on hand to add to the sammies.


Thanks for all of the suggestions.

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I'm thinking that Sourdough would be more historically accurate, if that matters at all.

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Simple White(Mrs.Baird's in Texas), with Onion,Dill Pickle and a little saucePDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

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I'm with flyweed. Ciabatta. I use them for med/rare burgers all the time.

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I like the sour dough or french bread idea

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Sourdough, is there any other?  icon_biggrin.gif

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