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Polish Sausage, CB, & Buckboard w/Qview

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I'll let the pictures do the talking:



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That is a beautiful thang all around!!  Love your set-up, but I'm really interested in your polish sausage - they look beyond delicious!!

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Sauage are just awesome, but I really love your little or big setup. Hard to believe you get enough heat.

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Nick....Your just smokin' up a storm!!


Looks Great!




No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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Thanks for the comments guys. Terry, it gets plenty of heat. I've had this thing get up to around 300 before.

I used hi mountain bb cure for the loins. I guess I didn't soak long enough in fresh water cause it's a little on the salty side. Sausage turned out great. The casing was a little tough an hour after coming out of the smoke but it's softened up some today. I'm hoping it continues to soften up a little more.

Question: should I vacuum pack and freeze whole pieces of the CB or slice and then vacuum and freeze?
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Nice.......thumbs up...........

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I slice and portion then vac seal and freeze .

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