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Newbie - Angus beef question

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I have been reading from this outstanding website for a few months now, posted one question, but never formally introduced myself in Roll Call, so hello from west texas! I have quickly become addicted to the awesome world of smoking meat and find myself reading from this website almost daily. I find the people and information here top notch!


Now my question, I saw some Angus beef briskets at Sam's today for approx. $1.98 per pound. Compared to brisket at Target for example that costs approx. $1.15 per pound the Angus seems pricey. Is this type of beef worth the extra cost? What do you people think?



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Welcome. My humble opinion on the angus question is this. I don't buy cheap cuts of angus, I have before and cannot tell one iota of difference. Steaks, yes I can tell.

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I would think that a cheap cut like a brisket for most of us, is good enough.  Now if you were in competition, it might be an different story.


I get 1/2 a beef every 12-14 months.  I can tell a difference between Dairy Cattle and Beef Cattle, but that's it.  Most beef from large processors goes in on to be processed and out to the retailer in just a couple days.  No hang time to age the beef.  This last beef we got was aged for 10 days in the cooler before it was cut up, and I know the farmer.




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Welocme aboard friend beercheer.gif

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welcome aboard!

 I get choice angus for as cheap or cheaper than most grocers sell select grade beef for .   I stock up when it's available and on sale.

 Right now the sale price for , angus choice bonless rib roast is $6.99 /lb

 another store has select grade for the same price.

I try to buy a couple of whats on sale and put it in the freezer so that i have it on hand and at the best price.

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Welcome to the SMF. Glad to have you here. Lots of good folks, great recipes and knowledge. Looking forward to your first qview. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

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