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Need a favor...

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Heyya Smokies,


I'm trying to win a new La Caja China in the current, "King of Pork" contest (and I'm in the lead!) Thing is, I don't have room for another roasting box, so when this thing arrives (assuming I win one of the three) I'm going to give it away to someone on my Facebook list.

No strings attached...well, okay there is ONE little string...

I need you to go to and click on the "Like" button for La Caja China, Tweet the link, or Join our YouTube page.

I'll be able to see everyone who joined as a "common friend" and we'll do a random drawing of those people for whichever cooker I win! I'll even toss in a copy of the cookbook!

Please pass this along, and remember, I'm always happy to return the favor!


Perry P. Perkins
Author: La Caja China Cooking

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Got it done Perry, good luck!

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Liked.  Best of luck to ya!

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Thanks guys, I really appreciate it!

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Done!  Thanks for the opportunity.

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I clicked on the "like" button, but didn't join anything.  Hope it still helps you out.

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Done that looks like some good pork

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Done - good luck

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