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30 lbs of swinging meat

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A little drying time before I put the smoke to it. 30 lbs of Kansas Deer. It's been soaking up the flavors and cure for a few days now.DSC03898.JPG




Used the High Mountain Kit with extra garlic, pepper, and a bit of soy sauce. I'll smoke it for a few hours and then dry it out at about 140 or so. It could take a while for some of it that was cut pretty thick. Tried the same thing last year with great results.



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That looks awesome can't wait to see more Qview when it gets done

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Looks real good from here Capt !


Can't wait for the final pics!




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Looks good. Nice smoker too!

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All done and ready for the food saver. One thing I forgot to mention that I mixed in was a bit of red pepper flakes. It all reduced down to about 9 lbs of jerky and tastes great. I must admit though, I like my jerky a bit on the spicy side.


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Now that looks like some fine looking Jerky you have there Capt.

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That jerky looks great! You're making me hungry...

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Looks great! I love deer jerky, thanks for sharing.

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It looks awesome PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif

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