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Cured smoked ham.

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I have searched the forums and still have questions about the bone in ham I am going to cook for Christmas.

It was purchased from Safeway. The label says "ready to cook". Hickory smoked water added. Cured with water, salt dextrose etc..


From what I have read here this is precooked correct?


It is just under 22#. What is the internal temp I should shoot for? I'm using a GOSM at 225-250°. Is this roughly a 45 minute per pound cook? The label says to cook at 325° for 17-20 minutes per pound to internal temp of 160°.


If I'm correct I'm looking at roughly 16 hours.


Thanks and sorry for the redundant questions.



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What you described is a cured, smoked  uncooked ham, not a precooked one.

I can't help you on the cook time... 16 hours sounds long but if you plan on 16 hours and it's done early you can wrap it and toss it in a cooler to stay warm for a long time

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If it was allready cooked it would say pre cooked or ready to eat.

 You do need to cook it to 160° internal temp . Never have smoked a uncooked ham so i can't really help on the time / lb.

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This is a cured UNcooked product.


Needs to be cooked... they are taking it to 160F because of Trichinosis risks.  Curing does not kill Trichinosis.


Time depends on a lot of things, but at 22 pounds I would figure at least 12 hours at 275 F.

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Thanks for clearing that up.

I will smoke it around 275° starting the night before and cooler it if it gets done sooner.

Gives me an excuse to look for Santa!



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